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The Taupo Amateur Radio Club is an associated Branch (number 60) of
The New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters Inc.

Amateur Radio, also affectionately  known as "ham radio", is a hobby of constructing, experimenting and communicating. The aim of our club is to promote AMATEUR RADIO, this is necessary to ensure the continuation of a healthy and vigorous Amateur Service.

Looking south from Gillies Ave, Lake Taupo with Mts. Ruapehu,



We gratefully acknowlege
the generosity of the
Craters of the Moon/
Huka Falls Trust. 


The Club

About Taupo

Taupo town is situated on the north shore of Tapuaeharuru Bay, Lake Taupo, central North Island, New Zealand.
The area is part of the Volcanic Plateau with farmland, scrub and pine forest sloping away from the lake to the ranges of the Kaimanawa in the East and the Hauhungaroas in the West. Looking south across the lake, Mt Ruapehu (2797m), Mt Ngauruhoe (2291m), and Mt Tongariro (1968m) dominate the sky line. Lake Taupo dominates the region. This lake was formed in the giant caldera (collapsed crater) of one of the worlds most active and violent volcanoes - The Taupo Volcano. The Taupo Volcano began erupting about 300,000 years ago with the last eruption being around 186 AD.
Lake Taupo is New Zealand's largest body of fresh water. It is also the second largest body of fresh water in the Southern Hemisphere.
Brown and Rainbow Trout were first introduced into the Taupo Catchment in the late 19th century. Since the introduction of smelt, a small fish, in the early 1930's, Trout have continued to flourish in the Lake Taupo area, providing a fishery of international repute. The fishery relies on natural spawning to sustain its stock.   




Graeme ZL1BU, info@zl1bco.nz
Tel 07 378 0553 cell 021 295 6023

WEB SITE www.zl1bco.nz 
CLUB ROOMS Located at The First Taupo Scout Den, 32 Wheretia Street, Taupo .
MEETING INFO First Thursday of each month at 19:30, at club rooms.  
POSTAL ADDRESS C/-  96 Lakewood Dr. Taupo 3330.  
2 M  REPEATER "675" "CTCSS (RX only)71.9kHz"Located on Mt Maroanui, 896m ASL, 21km NW of Taupo by road.  
NATIONAL SYSTEM "9825 -5 mHz" Located on Mt Maroanui, 896m ASL, 21km NW of Taupo by road.
APRS   Callsign  ZL1BCO-3. Located at 
Mt Maroanui, 144.575 mHz
PRESIDENT Kelvin, ZL1KU,     zl1ku@ihug.co.nz   
VICE-PRESIDENT Roger, ZL1UTW, roger01@nettel.net.nz    
SECRETARY/TREASURER Graeme ZL1BU,  zl1bu.nz@gmail.com   
NatSys and Digipeater (APRS)

Graeme ZL1BU & Kelvin ZL1KU 
Graeme ZL1BU, Kelvin ZL1KU & Steve ZL2KG

SUBS $20.00. (2017 -  2018)  
CURRENT REPEATER STATUS  146.750 VHF,144.575 APRS digipeater operational.
Click here for current status of the National System.


Lake Facts!

LENGTH:    40kms
AREA:       616 sq kms
   358m above sea level
30kms (at widest point)
DEPTH:     91 Fathoms (164m) deepest known point.
FISHERY: Brown Trout ova introduced in 1885 from Tasmania.
                Rainbow Trout ova introduced in 1898 from California.

Taupo Facts!

POPULATION:     Taupo District 32,418 census 2006
ELEVATION:       359 metres above sea level  
TEMPERATURE: Summer average 25c and winter 10c
RAINFALL:          Yearly average 1045mm
ECONOMY:        Tourism and forestry



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